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Welcome to
Mutate To Survive

Mutate to Survive is an ever growing, ever mutating project with two heads, two hearts and sixteen fingers.

Originally set up as a festival stall, selling exclusive t shirts and dressing up at festivals around the uk,
it has expanded to be an overstuffed cave of wonder, silliness and fun, that appears and disappears,
apparently at random. A bit like a visit to Me Benns shop, you never know what will happen once you've visited!

You may have seen us, somewhere in a field, anytime since 2005, purveying gorgeous hats,
essential masks, things you never knew you needed, and festival necessities.
We are now turning our webbed hands to cyberspace

Look out for us this year at festivals across the country, the pirate flags are always flying,
and we're always ready and willing to mutate you.

Please contact us if you want to buy an item you saw at a festival, and we will endeavor to find it for you.

New for 2012
Lots more new t shirts
Amazing masks
Fabulous new hair accesories
New Range of Neclaces
And other stuff we like!

Enjoy, and come back soon.
Pat and Janna mutant

Massive thanks to everyone who's helped us over us over the years,
especially Si & Caz, Max & Lizzie, Luni & Jen, Sharon,
Mo, Hev, Ruth, Tommy, Dave, Big James and Jonny
big love to you all, you know who you are X

For more info contact -